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        Dr. Amani A. Mungo, LPC


     Our goal together is to help you to find the "BEST" you.  We will work together in a positive fashion to help discover the source of the challenges within your life.  The goal is to work together to develop creative ways or alternatives to help you to begin again to live a healthier life in turn allowing you to grow to your full potential.

      The style of therapy utilized looks like a creative mix of cognitive, behavioral and reality approaches with a big dose of humor and warmth added into the mix. What does all that mean? The basic issues that bring someone into therapy will impact the type of work which will be complete together within each session.

      A person who comes into therapy for feelings of anxiety has different goals and challenges verses someone who enters in for grief and loss issues. I believe an effective practice combines intuition and knowledge to create the most ideal solution for the individual. The time spent together will be a journey worth venturing and will have laughter and opportunity for self-growth and discovery. 

take control of



Empowering your autonomy to take care of self.  Realizing that you need help in gmoving to the next level or phase of your life,  The decision to seek therapy.  So proud of you.

start talking


Now is the time to start living the Life one always wanted! Time to open the shutters of the room and see what one has been missing.


and Return to Your

Best Self.

Therapy is meant to help one discover the source of what is keeping them from becoming their best self again.  It takes courage and desire.




Starting a journey to changing your world.

Deciding to make a change for the better

Learning to love and accept yourself again

Learning that you are special

Learning that you are valued and loved by others

Learning that others feel and have experienced the same

And finally learning that you have made it through

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated."

Maya Angelou

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