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Addressing:  Relationship, Career, Family, Money​, Balance, Health & Body &​ Communication​


 I work in a private practice in Cobb County. I specialize in providing therapy for individuals, couples, adolescent (15 to 19), and families.  My career in social service started after my graduation in 1994. Career path allowed me to work within a variety of human service and counseling work sites including residential, community and hospital based. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology, Masters of Arts of Rehabilitation Counseling as well as a EdD in Counseling Education and Supervision.

 I am a person-centered, solution-focused based therapist. Basically, I works with my clients to discover the identified issues and develop several new solutions.  After recognizing solutions for the issues; we work together  to incorporate change in their life. 

 I want to help my clients to re-examine their strengths and utilize them to create changes within their life.  We are working together  to help re-attain personal growth and increase your abilities within life to continue making positive and fullfilling changes and goals.

Counseling including Telehealth

Seminars & Workshops

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